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Are you selling a vehicle online?

How do you convince buyers that your vehicle is as good as you say it is?

Let Car Pulse help you obtain a higher price on your auctioned vehicles and expand your customer base to anyone, anywhere. By adding the Car Pulse seal to your online vehicle listings, you bring an added dimension of credibility and trustworthiness to your sales efforts.

You want top dollar, right?

Encourage online buyers to choose your vehicle by showing them an independent Car Pulse auto inspection report. Research has shown that a customer is much more likely to complete a purchase on a vehicle AFTER is has been inspected and confirmed by a Car Pulse inspector.

The purpose of our auto inspection is not to recommend or advise against a purchase, it is merely to validate the dealer's description of the vehicle. Single vehicle inspections start at just $139.95.

How it works. EASY as 1-2-3!

  1. Once you complete the online order process, your local Car Pulse inspector will contact you to schedule the auto inspection.
  2. Upon completion of the inspection, you will immediately be given a direct link to your online Car Pulse auto inspection report.
  3. ou may then direct all of your customers to view the report - free of charge. We make every attempt to perform all inspection requests within 48 hours.

It's that simple!

Pre purchase Auto Inspection Details

Our 100-point pre-purchase auto inspection is specifically designed to give an accurate summary of the condition of the vehicle. It includes an assessment of the following:

  • Condition of body and paint
  • Report of dents or scratches
  • Rust check
  • Verify tire and wheel condition
  • Glass and windshield check
  • Interior wear evaluation
  • Missing parts
  • Oil leaks
  • Electrical items check
  • Air conditioning system check
  • Drive train noise and performance