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Order Your Pre Purchase Auto Inspection

Are you considering purchasing a vehicle and are just not confident about your decision?

Car Pulse can give you the confidence to do so by validating the seller's description. Our local network of vehicle inspection professionals will give any automobile, and any year vehicle an 100-point pre-purchase auto inspection in the Houston, Texas and it's surrounding areas.

We conveniently offer three different auto inspection reports: Red, White and Blue - based on the year of the vehicle.

All of the vehicle inspection rates are based on a 20 mile one way trip to inspect the vehicle. Additional mileage fees will be assessed accordingly due to the location and distance of the vehicle to be inspected by Car Pulse.

We make it as EASY as 1-2-3!

  1. When you order a pre purchase auto inspection from Car Pulse, a Car Pulse inspector will contact the vehicle owner or dealership and schedule the inspection.
  2. Upon completion of the inspection, you will be immediately alerted via email and directed to view your online Car Pulse report.
  3. With a Car Pulse auto inspection report in hand, you'll know right away if the car is right for you, and you'll have the confidence in knowing you made a sound decision, based on an unbiased seasoned professionals' evaluation.

We make every attempt to perform all inspection requests within 48 hours.

The Choice Is Clear, Inspect Before You Buy!

Try the Quick VIN Search function to see if your vehicle has previously been inspected by Car Pulse. Auto Inspection Reports for previously inspected vehicles can be ordered for just $29.95.

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100-point Inspection - Vehicles 2000 and newer
Red Report: Vehicles 2000 and newer








100-point Inspection - Vehicles 2000 and newer
Premium Red Report:
Vehicles 2000 and newer with CARFAX report








100-point Inspection - Vehicles 1980-1999
White Report: Vehicles 1980-1999








100-point Inspection - Vehicles 1980-1999
Premium White Report:
Vehicles 1980-1999 with CARFAX report








100-point Inspection - Vehicles 1945 and older
Blue Report: Vehicles 1980 and older








Order Report from Previously Inspected Vehicle