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About CarPulse

CarPulse ® a division of AutoElf.com LLC was formed in 2005 with the purpose of assisting people through the difficult and often confusing process of buying an automobile. Our growing network of qualified automotive inspectors gives potential car buyers the confidence to purchase their vehicle whether it is in Houston or in the surrounding area. Or maybe you a™re considering a vehicle in a distant market that you found online that is located in Houston and you want to have someone you trust inspect it.

After our proprietary 100-point condition inspection is scheduled and performed, customers are given immediate access to view the report online. The Choice Is Clear, Inspect Before You Buy!

At CarPulse we understand that many factors affect the true value of the vehicle. We help buyers develop a comfort level by being their eyes and ears onsite. CarPulse is the proven answer for all Houstonians and online buyers that are looking for an unbiased opinion on a used car or truck. How else would you know if a vehicle™'s tires are severely worn or if there is a drive train leak? We take the guesswork out of online car buying.

Trust: CarPulse does not buy or sell vehicles, parts or repairs. We only inspect vehicles and provide thorough, independent, factual, high detailed inspection reports

Car Pulse Membership and Organizations:

Fort Bend County Chamber of Commerce

As a member of the Fort Bend County Chamber of Commerce, Car Pulse is committed to excellence in business and economic growth in the Fort Bend region.